The Hygiology Post ® Thoroughly Researched CBD Companies Worldwide And Then Made The Best Afordable CBD Products Available In Our Store. The Hygiology Post ® ( does point of sale business primarily in Ashtabula and nearby Counties in Ohio as well as e commerce across the United States. At The Hygiology Post ® Store ( there are high quality and affordable CBD products. Our first article published on 6-18-2011 titled “Mission and Vision of The Hygiology Post” at The Hygiology Post ® began the following way: “Hygiology has been defined as the science of or treatise on the preservation of health. The Hygiology Post ® provides information, news, and commentary in the field of current events relating to health enhancement and health preservation consisting of physical, psychological, social, economic, and cultural factors. The corporate mission is to avail general information (Disclaimer: We do not ever give or help communicate any specific type of advice or recommendation, professional or otherwise, such as but not limited to medical advice which a physician could specifically give to a patient, for example) to the general public in the form of news, information, and commentary (mainly on the worldwide web). The information can range from generally accepted to highly speculative that encompasses all aspects of health including physical, psychological, social, economic, and cultural factors. The information can include research across disciplines addressing individual and/or social concerns as well as in depth articles about people. Our vision is to identify meaningful health related information primarily over the world wide web that could qualitatively enhance (the base of) knowledge and in turn help individuals and societies achieve productive goals. A goal is to communicate ideas for a healthy mind, body, society, economy, and/or culture.” Private advertising revenue and paying for archival content was a way we anticipated making money but soon after forming the corporation in 2011 we started selling products consisting mainly of books and have since expanded the breadth of what we sell. The Hygiology Post ® began selling CBD products in October 2019 only after CBD product manufacturers and products worldwide were thoroughly researched. At The Hygiology Post ® Store ( we have what we consider to be a select few CBD products that are affordably priced and among the best if not the very best CBD products in the world.